Mission Statement

The Bowling Green Riverfront Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating the Barren River Outdoors Center. The BROC will be an integrated outdoor recreational area that links the Mitch McConnell Park, the Bowling Green Greenways Project, and the Warren County Weldon Peete Park. The goals of the BROC are to develop the Barren River Corridor in Bowling Green for family friendly tourism and broadly inclusive non-traditional recreational opportunities including white water boating, climbing, mountain biking, hiking and trail running.


BROC Projects

Low Hollow Mountain Biking Trail

2.5 miles of moderate difficulty mountain biking that begins on a wooded slope and meanders onto the Barren River floodplain. Design by Van Meter & Slavey, the Bowling Green chapter of the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association, and the BGRF.

Bicycle Pump Track

BMX and mountain bike users will benefit from this hybrid course, which is a series of rollers and raised curves designed in a loop to be ridden continuously to provide a intense cardiovascular workout and develop technical bike skills.  Design by the Bowling Green Chapter of the Kentucky Mountain Bike Association and the BGRF.

Boulder Climbing Garden

Three to six climbing boulders from eight to ten feet high will be created out of concrete.  These boulders will provide an intense strength workout for novice to expert level climbers and provide an excellent facility for people to learn techniques for this exciting sport. Design by the BGRF.

Whitewater Boating Course

Six class II to III whitewater play features adjacent to the River Walk. These features will provide boaters from the local area and general region with a place to hone their skills in a low consequence environment, and will provide a competition venue for advanced level boaters. Regional fire departments and Warren County Rescue will utilize the course for swift water rescue training.  Conceptual plan by Gary Lacey, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Warren County Greenways Commission and Bowling Green Parks & Rec.

Warren County Greenways Riverwalk

Pedestrian walkway along the north bank of the Barren River with outstanding aesthetic qualities.  The Riverwalk will connect existing Greenways and improve visitor safety.  In addition, this new access will provide outstanding fishing opportunities.  Finally, the Riverwalk will drastically improve erosion control on the steep bank into the Barren River.  Conceptual plan by Gary Lacey, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Warren County Greenways Commission and Bowling Green Parks & Rec.

Wildlife Habitat

Quail habitat has been set aside with support provided by Southern Kentucky Quail Forever.

The BGRF is a Kentucky 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation. Please consult your tax professional for advice regarding deductibility.